Leopoly helps you to step into the next digital chapter by providing a customized 3D software and interface integrated into your unique business offers.
You will have stronger emotional attachment to your clients by offering an easy to use solution to customize their chosen products, fitting their functional needs and personal tastes.
Our top engineers deliver new tools and solutions on a monthly basis to provide the best 3D editing capabilities for you


3D Printing Service Providers and Manufacturers
Online 3D model Marketplaces
Improve your services by adding freely customizable 3D designs to your store with our easy to implement, embeddable 3D editors. With the “touch” of personalization, product creation is more fun that ever with our simple software!
3D content and simple design tools are the keys to quickly and easily provide your technology. Offer your products and services bundled with our solution totally seamlessly and provide a valuable complete experience. Build-in your own 3D printing service or choose from any of the major 3D print providers


Fashion & Eyewear
Home & Interior design
Lifestyle products

Use our digital product personalization solutions to capitalize on the fact that your customers have distinct needs and preferences. Start wowing your customers by turning mass production into personalized product creation. We offer custom software solution for various fields, specially designed for your industrial requirements.

OEM & Industry Specific Solutions

Native apps for HW manufacturers
Health & Automotive industries
VR Apps (see more)

Our creative and flexible team has 10 years experience in 3D programming and modelling. We love what we do and we are passionate about providing you with a fully tailor-made, industry specific, innovative software solution. Beyond online and offline native 3D design software developments, we are highly experienced in virtual reality, 3D scanning, 3D printing developments as well.

Clients already on board to inspire you


Leopoly 3D product creation platform is available on all HP Sprout devices that lets users design and create easily their personalized products.


STEAM students and teachers can now receive entry-level training courses, sample lessons and guides to learn how to customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing.


We have developed the first retail mass customization solution for Lowe’s subsidiary company, Orchard to let customers personalize their interior decoration before buying them.


Online stylish eyewear customizer platform linked to 3D printing.

3DP Companies

Two Chinese 3D printing industry leading company - AOD3D and Iceman3D (Dayin.la) – uses Leopoly to engage their customers and generate higher demand for 3D printing.


Together with FormUrLife, we offer stunning customizable lifestyle products, like special usb drives, 3D photo holders and more.

What type of service can I choose?

How to start? How does it work?

Colorful 3D viewer, 3D product model gallery and repository

Online/offline product customizers and 3D editors.

Website/Webshop development - from simple microsites to complex websites

3D Print service integration – your own or any chosen one

3D models and products – off the shelf or custom made

Server hosting

Admin panel for your microsite or editor

Consultancy with an end to end process management

Anything else to be discussed

After a friendly discussion we create a high level specification about the solution that we think suits you the best. Whilst we are putting your solution together we listen to your feedback carefully and adjust the service from time to time to meet all your needs.

Don't have your own website? No problem! Choose a subdomain name, and let us build up your very own microsite.

Have your own website? We are ready to integrate or embed your chosen Leopoly service into your existing site, including user management, e-commerce, print service and other incorporations.

We would love to hear about your completely unique idea! And we are ready to produce it. We can create fully customized apps for your brand with your own unique user interface and tailor-made 3D customization tools.


We’ve been integrating Leopoly’s tools into our website to take our customer’s shopping experience to the next level. We need a 3D configurator that really compliments our products and Leopoly nailed it! We’ve been able to increase our customer conversion while decreasing the amount of development our team was doing. On top of that, Leopoly’s team is always extremely professional and easy to work with!


Chris Campbell
Founder - FormURLife

About us


CEO Roland is an innovative thinker and doer. He believes that 3D and VR technologies can improve our lives. With Leopoly he is working on offering easy to use tools to bridge the gap between high tech technologies and everyday people and companies. Roland is also founder of TEDxDanubia.


CEO Zoltan is a 3D and VR enthusiast. He has 10 years experience in finance and operation at 3D for All Ltd, Leonar3Do VR Inc., and believs in the democratization of VR and 3D software e solutions.
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With the explosion of 3D printing, more and more people have ideas for how to take advantage of this technology. Even non-professionals can now leverage 3D product design to bring their ideas to life, or even personalize existing products. Despite this promising trend, user-friendly interfaces are tough to find in the 3D printing market. We are the missing link to this changing consumer trend with our simple, embeddable interface that makes 3D object creation as natural as taking a picture and editing with Instagram.

The value of mass customization

Mass customization is all capitalizing on the fact that your customers have distinct needs and preferences.
(Frank T. Piller – RWTH – TIM Group)

35% of online customers
– are already interested in customization

(Forrester Research)

75% respondents 75% respondents said the ability to customze a product would influence them to make an online purchase

(Adobe System survey)

Customization is 30% of what draws a customer to a brand

(Brand Keys research firm)

Giving the opportinutiy to customize resulted in a 34% higher retention rate

(Land’s End)



Leopoly awards

Special IBM Award, Slush, Helsinki 2015

Leopoly has been chosen from 100 great startup competitors and was awarded by a special IBM prize at Slush 2015 in Helsinki.

Leopoly awards

1st place, DIGIT.EMEA Istanbul, 2015

DIGIT.EMEA is a special event paving the digital economy future and welcoming thousands of C-level global leaders, digital and tech entrepreneurs and founders from 110 countries

Leopoly awards

- Highlights the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Leopoly was selected as the finalist of TOP 100 Red Herring Europe.

Leopoly awards

Central European Startup Awards

Leopoly was selected as the national finalist of Central European Startup Awards in the „Startup of the Year” category.

Leopoly awards

Award for the Successful Companies

Leopoly was honored by an „Award for the Successful Companies” from the Hungarian Government and was selected as the „Startup of the Month” in December 2016.